Virtual In-House Legal Counsel

As the Coronavirus (COVID – 19) Pandemic has brought forward many challenges and never-before-seen situations for businesses, we are here to take the pressure off with the legal matters whilst you do what you do best.

We know that these are uncertain times, and this will remain so after the pandemic. Due to this, we are offering unlimited advice, relating to contractual disputes, dispute resolution and ‘terms of business’ reviews, in three easy plans.

Our Virtual In-House Legal Counsel Service will ensure that you receive the legal support you need when you need it. With fixed fees, you can be rest assured that there will no nasty surprises.

Why Should You be Considering a Virtual In-House Legal Counsel Service?

The world, as we knew it, has turned upside down in the fight against the Coronavirus (Covid-19) Pandemic. Along the way, many businesses have fallen short in the legal department which has caused grave situations for many. We know that legalities may not be on the forefront of minds right now.  However, it is imperative to ensure all bases are covered to prevent any legal issues from arising.

In these times of uncertainty, with the many chasing after the few, legal disputes can arise before you know it. The current climate could be likened to a ‘dog eat dog’ world, with business activities and operations fraught with unexpected eventualities and consequences. Our Virtual In-House Legal Counsel Service gives you the peace of mind to pick up the phone and receive help on legal issues, without the fear or hassle of unexpected bills.

Our In-House Virtual Service includes:

  • An Initial Interview to Discuss and Assess Requirements
  • Annual Business Legal Health Check
  • Review of your Terms and Conditions
  • Quarterly Newsletters and Legal Updates
  • A Dedicated Commercial Solicitor Point of Contact
  • Discounted Hourly Rates for Work Not Provided Within the Annual Subscription Legal Advice Service.

What will it cost?

For a single fee, clients can contact us for advice relating to contractual disputes, dispute resolution and more. Our Virtual In-House Legal Counsel retainer provides all the day-to-day legal support and advice you are likely to require during these difficult times. This allows businesses to stay ahead of the curve, save on costs and increase productivity and growth. The price is a fixed fee dependent on the size of your organisation and the level of service you require. This is payable in one instalment or payable by easy monthly payments. VAT and disbursement are charged in addition. Call us to arrange for your free initial consultation.

We have introduced a more flexible service.  You can now use our service as long or as little as you require.  You can now choose from a 3 month, 6 month or annual contract period. 

3 MONTHS (3)
3 MONTHS (4)
3 MONTHS (5)

For more information, or to see if the service is right for you, we are now offering a free initial consultation. Call us on 01482 616 616 or 0800 037 1305 now to claim your free consultation. Alternatively, fill out the contact request box on the right and a member of our team will be in touch with you shortly.

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