One thing on which we can all agree is that tax is a crucial source of public revenue for the smooth running of the country for the greater good. It should, therefore, come as no surprise, that in the UK Her Majesty’s Commissioners for Revenue and Custom, with very good reason, take a very robust approach to duty placed upon them to collect taxes on behalf of the UK Government. However, they can and not infrequently do get things wrong.

Managing tax & commercial disputes requires not only an understanding of the technical aspect of the issues involved but also of the process and steps which can be taken to resolve such a dispute as effectively and efficiently as possible.

The raising of an enquiry or the commencement of an investigation by HMRC can have a serious effect on the operation of a business and distracts time and resources from what should rightly be the main order of the day; namely: business. 

At Hallmark Solicitors, we have the experience and knowledge of the processes to efficiently and effectively resolve serious commercial disputes including challenging HMRC assessments and determinations in the First-tier Tax Tribunal, Upper Tribunal, Appellate and European Courts in relation to the full range of taxes, including income tax, capital gains tax, corporation tax, VAT particularly under , stamp duty and environmental taxes; tax legislation and certain tax liabilities on the grounds that they are contrary to EU law.

Our highly qualified solicitors are experts in their field and are genuinely committed to excellence in every aspect of their work, providing clients with a timely, cost-effective and highly personalised solution.  


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