The economic outlook in UK continues to be challenging for many sectors with cash flow issues adding to the concerns for businesses.

Hallmark Solicitors understands that businesses face challenging times, and we are excited to introduce our complimentary statutory demand service to you to ensure your business stay on top of cashflow issues.

Our complimentary statutory demand service would ensure a free drafting service for you to recover undisputed debts arising from outstanding invoices and a debtor who cannot pay or will not pay.

The process is simple. Complete, upload invoices and any other relevant documents, agree to our terms and conditions and submit the form below. A member of our team will review your application, contact you and get your statutory demand ready within 3 working days.

What Is A Statutory Demand?

Statutory demand is a powerful legal tool that is used to recover unpaid debts from debtors. It can be issued for debts greater than £750 in the case of a company and £5,000 in the case of an individual with the demand that debtor pays in full within 21 days.

Failure for debtors to pay or make an application to the court to set the demand aside, then they could face either Bankruptcy proceedings (as an individual) or a winding up order (as a company), Making this a very sharp  instrument for seamless debt recovery.

Why serve a Statutory Demand?

There are many advantages to doing so which set out below as follows:

  1. Preparation and service of a statutory demand is relatively uncomplicated and inexpensive as it does not necessarily involve court proceedings.
  2. It takes 21 days to pay or set aside statutory demand of substantial disputes.
  3. An individual or company in receipt of a duly and properly served statutory demand, faces the risk of the creditor presenting a winding up petition to the court and it will then have to defend the petition if it fails to act within three weeks and wishes to continue trading. In most cases the prospect of defending a petition can lead to a fast settlement of the debt in question.
  4. Where a statutory demand has been served and the creditor fails to pay or set aside the statutory demand, this is evidential proof of its inability to pay its debts as it falls due.
  5. Once you have served a statutory demand, you are not obliged subsequently to commence bankruptcy or winding up proceedings.

Why Choose Hallmark Solicitors to Assist You?

We are highly qualified and experienced business lawyers. We work with gusto and unstinting determination on our client's behalf and can provide our clients with great results when they need it most. We enjoy an excellent reputation because of what we have been able to achieve for our clients.

We are easily accessible with consulting offices in London, Leeds & Kingston upon Hull where we have our head office. We provide a genuine alternative to large and medium size law firms and boast a client-reach that extends far beyond the borders of the United Kingdom.

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Request a complimentary statutory demand. We will draft and serve a statutory demand for an undisputed debt free of charge to you.

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