Professional Negligence

Unfortunately, even the most professional of advisors can make mistakes. We understand that and are sure you do as well.  However where the conduct of that professional goes beyond a simple mistake and you have suffered loss as a result of negligence, that’s not fair and you or your organisation should not have to pay for it.

The difficulty is that the law of professional negligence is especially complex necessitating specialist experience in order to successfully bring a claim. It is essential that when bringing a claim of this nature that your solicitor has the necessary experience and the skill to properly conduct and present your claim. At Hallmark Solicitors, we have that necessary experience and pride ourselves by our thorough and risked based approach.

We can help if you have suffered loss as a result of negligent advice by your:

  • Conveyancer
  • Accountant
  • Architect
  • Surveyor
  • Builder
  • Financial Advisor
  • Local Authority
  • Barrister
  • Solicitor

Even if you are not sure whether you have a case or not, it is worthwhile calling us for a no obligation discussion. We will give you our honest thoughts about whether we can take it forward for you.

Funding Options

We understand that issue of costs is a sensitive one. However, we have a range of funding options which we are able to offer. We strive to ensure that you are not denied access to the justice you deserve by offering our clients a range of flexible funding options in addition to offering innovative pricing structures. This means that in a number of cases we can offer our services on a no win no fee basis where we consider this to be appropriate and suitable method of funding for your matter once we have had the opportunity to assess your claim and to discuss with you the cost versus benefit of bringing your claim.

Although not in all cases but we generally can offer one or more of the following:

Fixed Cost:

We may need to carry out an initial assessment of the risk versus benefit of bringing your claim. We can usually do this swiftly on fixed cost which we will discuss with you after the initial free consultation.

Conditional Fee Agreement:

We can discount your legal fees by up to 80% by entering into a conditional fee arrangement.

After the Event Insurance:

Arrange after the event insurance to cover you in the event you were responsible for the other party's costs and own disbursements.

Third Party Funding:

Arrange funding from third parties who pay some or all of your costs in return for a share in what you are awarded if you win. Sharing the proceeds of a successful case is preferable to being in a position to keep 100% of a claim you cannot bring on your own. Even if you have the funds for a claim, this can be used to hedge your risk and reduce the effect of a claim on cashflow. 

Damage Based Agreement:

Enter into a damages based agreement with you whereby we will pursue the claim for you without charge but if you win, we receive an agreed percentage of any damages recovered. The losing opponent is still liable for your legal costs but you will be responsible for any shortfall between the agreed percentage and costs recovered from your opponent. If you lose, you will not pay any legal fees to us although you may be liable for your own expenses and the winner’s legal costs, subject to any insurance you have taken out.

With our Head Office based in Hull and two Consulting Offices in London and Leeds we are easily accessible for consultations. Call us on 01482 616 616 or 0800 037 1305 to book a free telephone consultation to discuss your issues and requirements.

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