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Latest Home Office Statistics for Illegal Working Penalties Published

The Home Office has released statistics on illegal working penalties totals for the UK from 1 October and 31 December 2016. There were 703 penalties were issued with total value of £11,595,000. All UK employers are at risk of incurring criminal and civil penalties for employing illegal workers. It is therefore essential that all UK employers have in places processes to monitor prevention of illegal working as well as risk management processes and that they take active steps to improve compliance which include properly conducted right to work checks. Please follow the link: The Immigration Act 2016 extended criminal liability to the employing organisation, putting directors at risk at risk of personal culpability and Illegal workers themselves are also subject to criminal liability. It is pertinent for your organisation to put in place a robust document checking processes in order to reduces the Directors and its exposure to these risks. Contact Hallmark Solicitors’ Business Immigration Team for further details on managing this risk and training services we provide. Telephone: 08456 808 251 or email:

Tax changes dropped from Finance Bill

Provisions to introduce Making Tax Digital have been removed from the Finance Bill and are therefore absent from the Finance Act, which received Royal Assent on 27 April 2017.

Other provisions dropped include the tax-free allowance on trading income for self-employed people who earn £1,000 or less and the reduction in the tax-free dividend allowance. The Government's "pragmatic" approach has been welcomed by the Chartered Institute of Taxation, which had warned about the risks of rushing numerous tax changes through without proper parliamentary scrutiny. However, the institute also predicts that many of the provisions will return after the general election.

Read more about the changes to the Finance Bill at:

Credit: FSB

All new debt recovery protocol

orded to the financial statement. If a repayment proposal is rejected, written reasons must be provided to the debtor. If a debtor fails to respond, proceedings may be issued 30 days after the letter of claim. If a response is received but no agreement reached, the protocol states that the parties should ‘take stock’ of their positions. In any case, in these circumstances, creditors are expected to provide a further 14 days’ notice of their intention to commence proceedings. Conclusion The protocol’s clear intention is to protect debtors from claims made by creditors where there is insufficient information provided about the debt and introduces a number of new requirements which creditors and debtors are expected to follow before court proceedings are commenced. Compared to existing practices, the passage of time from letter of claim to the commencement of court proceedings is likely to increase from an average of two weeks to 30 days, but possibly up to 74 days or more in some cases where debt advice is sought, or discussions are entered into. Although the protocol states that the courts will not be concerned with minor and technical breaches, particularly when the matter is urgent, they do have the power to consider breaches of the protocol and impose potential sanctions. These could include orders relating to the payment or rate of interest claimed, costs orders, unless orders and other case management orders provided to ensure compliance with the protocol. The protocol has been through a lengthy consultation process and has met with significant criticism, mainly from creditor representatives who argue that the protocol places a disproportionate burden upon them to provide historic information, some of which may not be readily available in the case of a debt sales or assignments. Critics also suggest that the protocol disproportionally increases operating costs on low value debts. What is clear is that the protocol is designed to further protect the rights of debtors by encouraging the sharing of information and promoting settlement wherever possible. What remains to be seen is the overall impact of the protocol. Debtors will undoubtedly be better protected but consumers may see the costs of goods and services increase if debts can no longer be pursued economically. If you require further information on the practical effects of the new pre-action protocol and how this will affect your business or if you require specific advice, please call us on 08456 808 251 or you can visit: Credits: Law Society

Business Consultant & Coaches

In the course of consultancy, you can often come across companies and businesses without the correct legal structure in place to support the growth they require

Have you ever felt the need to arrange for legal advice and assistance for the issues which arise during the course of advising your clients? Then you might want to consider becoming a Hallmark PASS Member.

The Hallmark PASS is a means for professional service advisors to provide their clients with much needed legal advice and support when they need it most at no additional cost them.  

For a small monthly fee, you can become a Hallmark PASS Member. In return, we will provide your clients with expert legal advice with regards to the legal issues which they are facing free of charge to them. It is a proactive and flexible way to added value to your clients in addition to the services which you already provide. Your clients can visit our offices or we can go to them for an initial consultation and advice.  

It can be whitewashed if you prefer or you can allow us to deal your clients directly with or in conjunction with yourselves.  

You can speak to us on a regular basis as many times as you need to discuss the legal challenges standing in the way of your client or for advice on how legal issues which has arisen in the course of advising your clients can be overcome.  

The Service includes:

  • An agreed number of client meetings per annum either via Skype or at yours or your client’s business premises.
  • Regular Networking Events.
  • Webinars.
  • Legal Updates.

All this for a one-off registration or manageable monthly payment which is set and agreed with you after an assessment of your requirement.  

Membership of the Hallmark PASS is subject to application.

The Hallmark PASS application form

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