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Expert advice & support when you need it most

If you are a professional advisor such as:

Insolvency Practitioners

We provide expert assistance and support in what can often be a fast-paced and often stressful situation.

We assist with antecedent recoveries and recovery of assets.


We can provide expert Tax Advise and assist with corporate restructures, debt recovery, company law advise. We can assist with commercial dispute resolution as well as tax disputes.

Business Consultant & Coaches

In the course of consultancy, you can often come across companies and businesses without the correct legal structure in place to support the growth they require

Financial Advisor

Do you have a client who is seeking to raise finance and requires some legal advice in relation to the financial package or require advice restructuring the business or a business acquisition?

Let Us Help You Help Your Client

Have you ever felt the need to arrange for legal advice and assistance for the issues which arise during the course of advising your clients? Then you might want to consider becoming a Hallmark PASS Member.

The Hallmark PASS (Professional Advice Service Scheme) is a means for professional service advisors to provide their clients with much needed legal advice and support when they need it most at no additional cost to the clients.  

For a small annual fee, you can become a Hallmark PASS Member. In return, we will provide your clients with expert legal advice with regards to the legal issues which they are facing free of charge to them. Also, your clients can visit our offices or we can go to them for an initial consultation and advice.  

It can be whitewashed if you prefer or you can allow us to deal with your clients directly with or in conjunction with yourselves.  

You can speak to us on a regular basis, as many times as you need, to discuss the legal challenges standing in the way of your client or for advice on how legal issues which have arisen in the course of advising your clients can be overcome.  

The Service includes:

  • An agreed number of client meetings per annum either via Skype or at yours or your client’s business premises.
  • Regular Networking Events.
  • Webinars.
  • Legal Updates.

The Hallmark PASS is set and agreed with you after an assessment of your requirement and may come in:

Bronze: This package allows 5 clients to be referred to us by you for an annual fee of £500.  

Silver: This package allows up to 10 clients to be referred to us by you for an annual fee of £750

Gold: This package allows a more flexible number of annual referrals for a negotiable  fee.

Membership of the Hallmark PASS is subject to application.


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