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FREE GUIDE: The Endgame - Enforcing U.S. Judgment in the UK


    The US is the main overseas investment market and the main single country export market for UK businesses.

    Even in the light of challenging economic conditions, British-American trade is worth $214 billion and it is set to grow particularly given that the UK has voted to leave the European internal market.

    However despite the special relationship that exists between the US and the UK, enforcing judgment in the UK for US Firms remains a complicated process as there is no convention or treaty providing for the reciprocal enforcement of judgments between the US and UK. As a result of this, a US judgment cannot be enforced directly in the UK (that is to say by execution or a similar process). However, it is possible to enforce US Judgment by way of common law in the UK court.

    If you have obtained judgment in a recognised court of law in the US or other foreign jurisdiction and wish to enforce the same against a respondent resident, situate or with assets in the UK then we recommend that you download our Guide: THE END GAME – ENFORCING U.S. JUDGMENT IN THE UK for a rundown of the procedure for doing so.

    FREE GUIDE: The Endgame - Enforcing U.S. Judgment in the UK

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      Given the complexities, US lawyers are advised to seek the advice of a competent UK solicitor who will very often be able to act as an agent in the UK proceedings.

      Our multi-jurisdictional lawyers at Hallmark Solicitors are willing to provide guidance to US Attorneys and Clients a range of English Law issues, including:

      • Enforcement of US Judgement in the UK
      • Asset Tracing & Recovery
      • Injunctive Relief & Protection
      • Obtaining evidence in England for US proceedings
      • English injunctions to support US proceedings
      • Enforcing a US judgement in Europe.

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