Managing Commercial & Tax Disputes

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    Managing tax & commercial disputes

    Disputes in the course of conducting business both in the UK and abroad can arise for a variety of reasons. The most common anatomy of a tax or other variant of commercial disputes is the parties’ inability to see matters from the perspective of the other and which in effect leads to a corresponding inability to alter their position or take steps which can ultimately lead to a resolution.

    Equally and not infrequently one party simply has got things wrong. And where that party simply refuses to compromise or budge it becomes even more difficult to “get to yes” because the parties’ positions have become entrenched. It is fair to say that these situations require careful, knowledgeable, sensitive but robust management.

    Managing tax & commercial disputes requires not only an understanding of the technical aspect of the issues involved but also of the process and steps which can be taken to resolve such a dispute as effectively and efficiently as possible.

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    FREE GUIDE: 7 Considerations to Resolving Tax and Commercial Disputes

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      Hallmark Solicitors is a firm of business lawyers, genuinely committed to the success of their clients and stakeholders through the excellence of service we provide covering a range of commercial corporate and private dispute resolve issues.

      With offices in London, Leeds and Hull, our reach and range of involvement and the depth of our expertise is truly extensive. Our aim is to understand our client and their needs through an initial in-depth and on ongoing assessment of their requirements, which enables us to provide precise and tailor fit solutions.

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      Our success has been and continues to be achieved by offering client’s an unrivalled standard of service based on careful and accurate research of issues enabling us to offer pragmatic and focused pro-active advice reflecting the reality of situations. This in turn allows client’s to make well informed decisions concerning their business ventures, offering them the best possible prospect to exploit opportunities and overcome problems, no matter how complex or daunting.

      Our skilled, experienced and dedicated team of solicitors possess the necessary knowledge of national and international law to advise on a wide spectrum of commercial and corporate legal issues ensuring that clients can move ahead confident that they are complying fully with all legislation and that corporate responsibilities are being entirely accommodated.

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      Hallmark Solicitors operate successfully in many areas of commercial litigation, company and commercial law and are able to offer guidance and advice on matters including, amongst others, partnership and shareholder agreements, corporate finance, franchising, MBO’s and corporate reorganisation, employment law & several aspects of commercial and tax dispute resolution.

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      At the core of all that we do is the desire to provide excellence of service. Our strategy is thus to provide our clients with the assistance and advice that they require based on a clear understanding of objectives and to function as a partner to enable their targets to be achieved in a timely, cost effective and efficient manner.

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