Issuing Legal Proceedings

Commercial Debt Recovery - Issuing Legal Proceedings

The issuing of legal proceedings is a big step and one which must be done with due consideration to all of the circumstances.


Firstly, it essential to ensure that you have complied with your pre-action duties in that you duly issued a letter of claim to your opponent which sets out the legal and factual basis of your claim.  It is also advisable to offer to have “off the record” discussion with your opponent.  Where no satisfactory resolutions has been reached following at pre-action stage, a decision will have to be made as to whether or not to issue formal court proceedings.  It is essential that you engage professionals who will assess carefully the merit or otherwise of your potential claim and provide you with an honest assessment of your prospect of success.

Claims can often fail because court papers are not correct or key pieces of information have been missed out. We will ensure that court proceedings are issued with minimum fuss, drafting a Claim Form (a document which allows the court to commence your claim) and a Particulars of Claim (which sets the facts of your claim in both legal and factual terms, and the value of your claim has been calculated).

The Civil Justice Statistics for England and Wales shows that on average that of half of a million court claims court claims commenced each less than 9% progress to a hearing. Chances are that your debtor may not contest a formal demand for payment. These figures show that the cash flow benefits of recovering your unpaid invoices far outweigh doing nothing.


So if you have a genuine and uncontested debt to recover, we offer a fixed fee solution starting from as little as £475 plus VAT & Disbursements to issue legal proceedings against your debtor who is refusing pay  despite there being no genuine issues of dispute or complaints – View fixed fee solutions.

The process is handled by our expert legal professionals with many years of debt recovery experience who will get your invoices paid and fast.


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