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Individuals visiting our website and calling our offices commonly ask how much it will cost to make an application. As with most consumer of products or services whether business or individual, you will want some indication of costs before making a purchase. We want to provide as much information to our clients as is reasonably possible to allow them to make an informed decision.

At Hallmark Solicitors, we are able to offer many of our immigration services on a fixed or agreed fee basis. We operate our immigration services so as to offer you the assurance of fixed costs, so fees will not increase whilst we undertake the work agreed, it is fixed at the outset of the matter and there are no unexpected costs, except of course where there are unexpected or anticipated circumstances which have the effect of making the instructions or matter more complicated and time consuming than anticipated. Our fixed cost services are set out below. Where we are unable to offer our services on fixed fee basis, we will charge for our services on basis of the amount of time which is to be expended, providing you with an estimate of the time we anticipate will be spent and the hourly rate of the fee earner(s) who will have conduct of your matter. 

All fees set out below exclude disbursements (i.e. monies paid to third parties, such as Home Office fees, interpreters, barristers fees etc) and VAT. Home Office fees are available to view on their website.

As a UK registered organisation, we charge VAT at 20% if you are ordinarily a resident in the UK and this is in addition to the fees set out below.

Hallmark Solicitors publishes information about typical costs and expenses (disbursements) for various categories of immigration work.  We are of course happy to answer any questions relating to the cost information below.

​ Our ranges for most popular types of immigration matters we are able to offer on a fixed fee basis are as follows:

  • Entry clearance applications for partner/spouse or child – £750 to £1500
  • Entry clearance applications for Fiancé(e) – £750 to £1500 excluding VAT
  • In-country partner/unmarried partner extension application – £750 to £1500
  • Lodging grounds of appeal – £500 - £1000
  • Representation at a First-tier Tribunal appeal against refusal of partner leave – £1200 to £2000
  • Naturalisation or registration as a British citizen – £750 - 1500
  • Visitor visa – £500 to £1500
  • Applications on behalf of European Economic Area (EEA) nationals and their family members under the applicable EEA Regulations – £750 to £1500
  • Student visas – £750 – £1200
  • Tier 2 (work visas) applications under the Points-Based System – £750 – £1500
  • Dependent relative applications – £750 – £1500
  • Family reunion applications – £500 – £1500
  • Applications on the basis of long residence – £950 – £2500
  • One off advice £395 - £595
  • Initial consultation £250 plus VAT

Business Immigration is provided on a fees quoted basis.  Please do not hesitate to request a quotation from our Team.

Please bear in mind that fees will vary depending upon the experience of the individual with conduct of your matter and the complexity of a particular case.  We will provide as much information as possible with respect to costs.  We will advise of any costs in advance of these being incurred.

Please also note that the fees mentioned above are in respect of a single person/application.  If you are seeking to apply for more than one person, we will usually be able to off a significant discount for each subsequent applicant or person.  Speak to us for a quotation.

What services are included?

We offer a detailed service, which includes all work associated with the application.  Generally included within the scope of the work we will carry out will be the following:

  • discussing your circumstances in detail
  • confirming whether this is the most appropriate application and advising on the strengths of the application
  • discussing other potential options that may be available to you
  • preparing your application and submitting it on your behalf
  • if you do not presently meet a particular criterion, whether this can be overcome and how
  • considering and advising on the supporting evidence you have provided
  • assessing the supporting evidence prior to submission
  • helping you obtain further evidence
  • giving you advice about the outcome of the application and any further steps you need to take

Specific details of the scope of the work we will carry out in a given instruction will be set in the Client Care Letters and Terms. 

How long will my application take?

We are not able to provide guarantees of how long the Home Office will take to process your application and reach a decision. You may visit their website for information on their processing times.  However many times, applications that the Home Office consider to be complex or non-standard can take substantially longer (6 to 12 months).  We will chase the Home Office if it appears to us that an application is taking substantially longer than anticipated and keep you updated on the progress of your application throughout the matter, within the fees quoted above.

When we meet with you or discuss with you, we will assess your situation and endeavour to provide you with a more accurate time-frame where possible.

Call us or email us for more specific fee quotations or information on who and how we will handle your matter which we will confirm in our Client Care Letters and Terms of Business.  This will be sent to you both by email and post (if you are in the UK).  

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