Immigration Appeals

Immigration Appeals

The team has extensive experience in making applications be it to the First Tier Tribunal or to the Upper Tribunal and in arguing appeals in every area of the immigration rules and enjoy an excellent track record with Appeals as we will always provide you with a sometimes brutally honest but sympathetic assessment of your prospect of success. We have nothing else in mind other than the success of your case and as such will do all that we can to ensure that you meet and achieve your objectives. As a result of this we enjoy a very high success rate.

We will assess whether in fact an appeal is the appropriate course of action in accordance with your stated objectives and required outcome. Where we consider that your matter is suitable for an appeal, we will review fully the reasons for the refusal and look to see if the errors within your application are in fact remediable and/or whether the Home Office was erroneous in their decision. Thereafter, we will be to seek to obtain from you detailed instructions and advise you in relation to any additional evidence which we consider necessary to demonstrate why you are eligible to be granted the application you have originally sought.  

Grounds of Appeal

Thereafter, we will usually draft the originating Appeal Application which will be accompanied by the grounds upon which the appeal is made and sent to the Immigration and Asylum Tribunals. This we will do on your behalf. In some cases, we have found that our grounds for appeal particularly after we have remedied any defects in the originating application, that that has been sufficient for the Home Office to review and reverse their decision. However this is by no means guaranteed in all cases and as there are several variable factors which can come into play when the Home Office is reaching its decision.

Preparation for Appeal Hearing

Where the Home Office maintain their position and the matter goes forward a hearing then we will prepare detailed witness statements and assist you with the gathering of any additional evidence as some time may have elapsed between the making of the appeal and the hearing. We will usually prepare the bundles for the hearing which we will submit both to the Tribunal and to the Home Office representing officer. If we consider that it is appropriate that we attend the hearing on your behalf we will do so otherwise again where appropriate will instruct specialists barristers from a carefully selected and vetted list of experts that we use.

Judicial Reviews

As Solicitors we are qualified to conduct Judicial Review Hearing. Our Immigration Solicitors have considerable experience in Judicial Review applications. We can assist with Judicial Reviews where the Home Office or other authority have made a manifest error in the decision it has made in your matter or where you have exhausted your rights of appeal and there are genuine grounds that exists for us to seek a review of the decision of the Home Office.  


Our highly qualified lawyers are experts in their field and are genuinely committed to excellence in every aspect of their work, providing clients with a timely, cost effective and highly personalised solution.

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