Freezing Injunction


Why Apply for a Freezing Injunction?

Freezing injunctions ensure individuals and organisations get the fullest possible payment of outstanding debts by preventing your debtors from disposing of their assets to their own advantage. This allows you to pursue a resolution safe in the knowledge that your rightfully owed money is waiting for you.

Hallmark Solicitors are experienced in bringing freezing injunctions and pursuing further redress.

What is a Freezing Injunction?

A freezing injunction is a court order that prohibits a party from disposing of their assets. It can be brought into effect against a wide range of assets held by your opponents. Hallmark Solicitors have experience of ensuring client debt repayment by bringing these injunctions against a wide range of assets including vehicles, shares and bonds, land, property, and bank accounts.

In the case of freezing injunctions, it is particularly important that any action is brought quickly as the court will take particular notice of any delay on the applicant’s part when an application for a freezing injunction is made. For this reason, Hallmark's Solicitors work to reach a rapid resolution in your favour as soon as the injunction is in place.

We will advise, support and represent your business to achieve a successful outcome at hearing with our extensive knowledge of the ever-changing insolvency rules.

Instructing the specialist insolvency lawyers at Hallmark Solicitors provides a safe and beneficial route for companies at risk. Courtroom negotiation is our forte, and our team will assist you in preparing your argument and requisite court forms to ensure you have the best chance of success at all stages.

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