Franchising Your Business

Franchising your Business is an excellent strategy for business growth through which a Business is able to replicate itself in different geographical locations within the United Kingdom and Internationally without having to physically relocate or set up there whilst using the resources and energy of motivated franchisees. In return you will provide a proven and profitable business system, your know-how and support to your franchisees.

Franchising can be highly advantageous for businesses seeking to grow their brand nationally and internationally. However there are drawbacks to this model and as a franchiser you need to ensure that your business is adequately protected from the potential problems that can arise.

At Hallmark we have many years of experience in assisting franchisers develop suitable strategies to commence operations secure in the knowledge that all legal aspects of their venture has been professionally scrutinised. We understand how franchising works and can offer guidance and advice on all aspects of franchising operations and how to ensure that our clients have the best possible information on which to base sound business decisions.

We draft and advise on all aspects and issues affecting franchising which are critical to the maintaining of healthy franchise relationships with your franchisees and customers including:

  • Franchise Agreements
  • Master, Regional and International Franchise Agreements
  • Disclosure Agreements
  • Confidentiality Agreements/Non-Disclosure Agreements
  • Terms of Business, Intellectual Property Agreement and Software License Agreements
  • Business Sale and Purchase Agreements
  • Suspension, Settlement and Exit Agreements
  • Resale Agreements
  • Franchise Litigation and Dispute Resolution
  • General In house Legal Support Services

The cost of putting in place the properly drafted Franchise Agreements is much less than the potential cost to your Business. Our lawyers are able to provide expertly tailored legal documentation to meet your requirements and to protect your Business.

Buying A Franchise

Our service to Prospective Franchisees considering the purchase of a franchise package

We advise Prospective Franchisees on all aspects of the Franchise Agreement and produce a written report of our advice and recommendations. We also offer both telephone conferencing or one to one advice as part of our standard service so there is often no requirement to visit our offices.

We aim to make Prospective Franchisees fully aware of their obligations under the Franchise Agreement so that they are confident and able enter into the arrangement having been fully and properly advised of their obligations under the Franchise Agreements.

The key areas we will always examine in a Franchise Agreement, among others, are:

  • The Territory
  • The Term or length of the Agreements
  • Your obligations under the Franchise Agreement
  • The Franchiser's obligations
  • Commercial Premises obligations
  • The Terms of Renewal
  • Terms for Terminating the Agreement
  • Non-competition Clauses

We would also look to ascertain the exact cost of the package, any monthly or regular commissions or rental fees together and other matters such as training, marketing and other support you can expect to receive as part of the franchise package.

The advantage to you as a Franchisee is peace of mind knowing that you have sought independent legal advice and not only will you be aware of your obligations under the Agreement but you will be fully prepared meet those obligations.


We also have a Gold Standard which will incorporate all the matters set out above in our standard package but will include other matters such as:

  • Advice on business structure
  • Dealing with your Franchiser' Solicitors on your behalf if you require us to request any amendments to the Agreement
  • Acting or liaising with your Lender on your behalf

With our Head Office based in Hull and two Consulting Offices in London and Leeds we are easily accessible for consultations. Call us on 01482 616 616 or 0800 037 1305 to book a free telephone consultation to discuss your issues and requirements.

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