Employment Contracts

Employment Contracts 

As an employer, it is crucial that you have the right documentation in place from the start, whether it’s for consultants or employees.  Expertly drafted contracts and staff handbooks protect your business and help you manage and motivate staff on a day-to-day basis.

Our prices are fixed.  The price will be confirmed once we have discussed with you your specific requires.  Our prices are set out below:

Document                                                       Fixed Price

Junior employment contract                            £395 + VAT

Senior employment contract                           £695 + VAT

Junior and Senior Employees                          £895 +VAT

Director’s service agreement                          £895 + VAT

Consultant/freelance contract                        £795 + VAT

Staff handbook                                                  £995 + VAT

What document is suitable for you?

Junior Employees

This contract of employment is pitched for junior employees, and costs just £395 plus VAT. Whilst your business receives the protection it needs, it is not unnecessarily complicated for the employee.

Senior Employees

At just £695 plus VAT, our senior contract of employment is the ‘Rolls Royce’ of contracts, giving your business the highest level of protection during an employee’s employment and afterwards. It includes restrictive covenants, enhanced confidentiality and intellectual property provisions.

Junior and Senior Employees

Many businesses employ both junior and senior employees, where one size will not necessarily fit all. For just £895 plus VAT, we can provide you with a comprehensive package of both junior and senior contracts of employment.

Directors’ Service Agreements

A director’s service agreement is effectively a senior contract of employment “and then some”. It includes provisions that are specific to directors, for example in relation to fiduciary duties. For £895 plus VAT, we will bespoke our service agreement completely.

Consultant/Freelance Contract

This contract is for businesses that want to hire freelance consultants, either directly or through a service company.

Staff Handbook

This document contains details of company policy on all the day to day matters you need to worry about.

As all our contracts are bespoke, we will discuss what you need and and provide you with a confirmation of the fixed price.

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