Defending A Winding Up Petition


What to do When You Receive a Winding Up Petition

You have taken the right first step by looking for expert legal help. Hallmark hasthe experience to get the best result from this situation.

Do not worry unduly on receipt of a winding up petition - There may well be options available to you to defend your position and prevent a winding up order from being granted, and if there are, Hallmark will find them. It's important to act fast to secure skilled legal representation and begin your defence.

Book a consultation and our expert lawyers will make a rapid and comprehensive assessment of your case and help you decide the most effective way of defending your company.

Your Options Throughout The Winding Up Petition Process

Hallmark Solicitors can support client businesses to get the best result at every stage of the winding up petition process, from the first threat to the final hearing.

The process outline below shows how we support you at each stage.

Injunction against presentation of a petition

Opposing a winding up a petition

Injunction against advertisement of a petition

Validation order for unfreezing accounts

Negotiation with creditors

Opposing a Winding Up Order from HMRC

How can Hallmark Solicitors Help You?

We will advise, support and represent your business to achieve a successful outcome throughout the winding up petition process with our extensive knowledge of ever-changing insolvency rules. Instructing the specialist insolvency lawyers at Hallmark Solicitors provides a safe and beneficial route for companies at risk.

Courtroom negotiation is our forte, and our team will assist you in preparing your argument and requisite court forms to ensure you have the best chance of success at all stages.

What Happens Next?

When you get in contact, we will respond within 24 working hours to book an initial consultation. This enables us to assess your situation and give you a thorough understanding of your options. These consultations come with no obligation but are very helpful to prospective clients.

From this point, progress depends on where you are in the process outlined above, as well as your situation and requirements. Find more specific information using the links above, or book a consultation. Either way, be assured that our experts will pursue the best possible outcome throughout.

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