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Legal Advice on Compromise Agreements

Bringing a claim in employment tribunal can be stressful, long and very expensive. Added to the fact that there is always the risk of losing your claim and that you would also need to have solid documentary evidence and reliable witnesses who will be willing to attend the hearing to support your claim, it is not a pleasant experience either for the employee or the employer. This can sometimes be avoided by negotiating a settlement with your employer in the form of a Compromise Agreement.

In certain other circumstances such as redundancy, your employer may offer you a Compromise Agreement setting out the fact that your employment will be terminated, the terms upon which it will be terminated and will usually offer you payment of a lump sum. In return you will agree not to bring any proceedings against them and indeed relinquish any proceedings you may have already begun.

Compromise Agreements can therefore be a very useful and structured way of resolving potentially difficult disputes in a speedy and confidential manner.

It is a statutory requirement that before the Compromise Agreement can become binding that the employee seeks independent legal advice from a suitably qualified Solicitor or adviser who is backed by a policy of insurance.

Our Solicitors and Legal Advisors provide prompt and reliable legal advise on all aspects of your Compromise Agreements. They are able to advise you by telephone and email. So there is often no requirement for you to visit our office.

Our fees will normally be paid by your employer so there is usually no requirement for payment from you. In certain circumstances where we may become involved in negotiations with your employer, our fees may be higher than what your employer may be willing to pay and it may necessitate a contribution from yourself towards our fees but we would inform you and agree this with you if this was the case.

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