Contractual Disputes

Contractual disputes occur when the parties to a contract have a dispute concerning the performance of some or other part of that contract.

There are many different types of contract dispute, however, they may include not standing by or performing terms of the agreement, conflicts with business partners, customers suppliers or employees, mistakes and errors in a contract and disagreements concerning the meanings of terms of a contract.

Contract disputes can also involve the performance of obligations or duties under a contract or a failure to perform them.  These types of disputes are known as ‘breaches of contract’.

Practical aims are to:

  • Find a resolution that isn’t time-consuming and doesn’t affect the running of your company
  • Find a resolution that isn’t costly and doesn’t impact heavily on your company finances
  • Find a resolution that doesn’t result in the dispute going to court to avoid additional costs and time
  • Find a resolution that doesn’t involve more people than necessary to help keep the dispute under control
  • Handle the dispute with care, so not to damage previously existing business relationships and your reputation

The impact of bringing or defending legal proceedings for a business of any size is not only monetary but can have an affect of morale as well as be time consuming and of course hugely expensive.  We therefore take a robust but balanced view of how best to proceeding after an assessment of not only the legal merits of a case but also of the commercial realities of each dispute, advising fully the remedies available all with a keen focus on minimising costs.

We provide strategic advice on how to steer a dispute towards the resolution that is right for the client, which may be by negotiation, alternative dispute resolution or litigation.

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