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The construction industry experiences more than its fair share of disputes.

We understand that construction disputes require an understanding of the many different laws and procedures that often apply. We also understand the time pressures that can be placed upon those in the construction industry who are involved in a dispute due to the right of a party to a "construction contract" to refer any dispute to adjudication "at any time". Adjudication is largely unique to the construction sector as a form of dispute resolution and the time pressures involvement in an adjudication places on your management and staff can be immense. We are highly experienced in this field and can help.

In addition to adjudication we have extensive experience of litigation (in the Technology and Construction Court, the County Court and the High Court), arbitration, mediation, expert determination, early neutral evaluation and other forms of alternative dispute resolution (ADR).

Whilst many disputes can be resolved through Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) it is important to know that there is a strict protocol for Construction & Engineering Disputes which must be followed and can place either party at a significant disadvantage (particularly before the Court) should they be found to have not complied with its requirements.

Our expert litigation solicitors can guide you through this process, ensuring that you are in compliance at each stage.

Claims in which we have had experience include:

  • Claims for remedying defects
  • Claims for loss and expense
  • Claims for defective design or workmanship
  • Claims for delay and disruption
  • Final account disputes
  • Claims in relation to collateral warranties and performance bounds
  • Claims in relation to extensions of time
  • Claims in respect of termination of contract
  • Recovery of construction professional fees
  • Disputes in relation to contract termination



Our solicitors are experts in both transactional and dispute resolutions.

We also have experience of the various types of contract used in the construction industry and can advise you in this area. Depending on your bargaining position we can tailor construction contracts to your specific needs or negotiate often one sided contracts so that the parties are operating on a more level playing field.

We operate across all areas in the construction sector, providing clients with practical and commercial advice based on our extensive experience. Our approach to fees is flexible and everything will be tailored to your specific situation.

With our Head Office based in Hull and two Consulting Offices in London and Leeds we are easily accessible for consultations. Call us on 01482 616 616 or 0800 037 1305 to book a free telephone consultation to discuss your issues and requirements.

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