Commercial Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Commercial Landlord and Tenant Disputes

Landlord and tenant disputes involving commercial properties require swift resolution to prevent a damaging situation to both parties – including potential loss of revenue to landlords or income/livelihood in the case of commercial tenants and landlords.

Here at Hallmark Solicitors our commercial property solicitors are able to advise both landlords and tenants on a wide range of property disputes, including:

  • Breach of covenant
  • Trespass
  • Forfeiture (Section 146 Notice)
  • Insolvency (landlord or tenant)
  • Service Charge disputes
  • Business lease renewals
  • Commercial property rent arrears
  • Commercial lease termination
  • Disrepair of commercial property
  • Rent reviews

Litigation in commercial property disputes can be lengthy, expensive and complicated. It is vital to take legal advice sooner rather than later to keep costs down.

At Hallmark Solicitors we can advise both landlords and tenants on a landlord’s right to enter the property under the tenancy agreement, including landlords serving a Section 146 Notice – or tenants serving a counter notice to a Section 146 and other commercial property related matters and disputes.

At times like this you need the expert assistance of solicitors experienced in both contentious and non-contentious commercial property matters and who will efficiently and doggedly navigate the complex maize of notices ensuring that they are prepared to exact form required by and not only this but can also lead you through the minefield of court proceedings which requires strict compliance.

Hallmark Solicitors has a highly successful property and property litigation departments which can advise on any matter relating to a commercial property dispute, including advising on the best course of action to recover rent arrears from a commercial tenant – including levying distress restraints on goods on the premises or even if you require assistance in defending claims brought against you, advising you also on the alternatives to litigation and court action in commercial property disputes, including dispute resolution and mediation.

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