Business Defence

Businesses can face a number of challenges when faced with regulator or criminal matters.

Our team have experience of dealing with a wide range of issues including:-

  • Regulatory investigations
  • Health & Safety prosecutions
  • Fraud
  • Money laundering & Proceeds of Crime
  • Investigations by professional bodies
  • VAT /Tax investigations & prosecutions
  • International corruption & corrupt practices
  • Director’s disqualification proceedings
  • Environmental & food hygiene prosecutions
  • Trading Standards prosecutions

When faced with a prosecution or regulatory referral then absolutely the best course of action is to seek legal advice at the earliest possible opportunity.

In this type of case, time is often of the essence and there are occasions where an opportunity to deal with the matter may be lost due to the absence of timely legal advice.  We prioritise this type of case for exactly this reason.

Timely action can also prevent interruptions to the normal course of business and allow the company to continue to operate effectively whilst an investigation or prosecution is ongoing.

Consideration also has to be given, at an early stage, as to the representation of the interests of the various Directors of a company and the company itself, and whether those interests coincide.

Our team of solicitors have experienced circumstances where individual directs and the interests of the company have had to be separately represented.

Seeking legal advice early also allows you to plan for any interviews that you may be required to attend and to review evidence and plan statements in respect of those interviews.   Our staff can also attend with you at interviews and be present at your premises whilst investigations are being carried out.

You should seek advice early, aimed at minimising your business and personal risk and reducing the possibility of interruption of business.


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